Busting Rocks
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Here is the Stone Age setting from which many stories spring.


Falsehoods abound. What is a mere mistake, and what is meant to mislead?


What life is like.

The Mission

With nothing less than the finest stone tools, you are in pursuit of...












Working on material for site
Published on Thu Jun 6 16:37:15 2019 (GMT)
Filed under tedious moil.

UPDATE: 2020, February

I am making steady progress on a project orthogonal to and supportive of my narrative.

Separately, I will rebuild a related site, now offline, with material that dovetails nicely with my story.

As it is thorough, the former will take a good deal longer to be ready; the latter, not so much.

I will update this and the other site seriatim, in my own due time.

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