These are serious risk takers. If found by tribesmen, guardians will face summary execution. Clandestinely, they run the emporia that facilitate trade – and pilfering – of goods from tribal lands. So long as guardians stay out of tribal reach, they reap rewards of wonder.

Managing trade in a most curious fashion, guardians often have first dibs on choice items. Too, they can request that traders bring esoterica, such as obsidian, or sulfur, or some such.

Similar in garb to traders, guardians too communicate with a small set of gestures. Unlike traders, guardians do not have patterns to identify them or the exchanges they run.

Since abstract numbers do not exist, money is impossible. Though this locale sporadically produces both shells and amber, and these are used in barter, neither serves as money. They are traded qualitatively, as are all items.

How guardians track the progress of traders is something of a mystery, though it somehow involves beads and likely too a tally system.